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This live video pushed me into the 30,000 views on Periscope, but 10 minutes after posting it,
my account was permanently suspended. Even after multiple emails from me (and my followers),
there wasn’t a single reply from the Periscope admin. Final verdict: BANNED on Persicope.

And why??? There is no nudity, no sexual interaction, and no masturbation… But apparently even
just TALKING about fetishes is obscene enough to warrant permantently suspending my account.

So, thankfully, my phone saved all the footage, so now you can see it here on Cocoscope!

In part 1, I explain the basic definitions of fetish, from clothing like latex, leather, lycra, stiletto heels, &
thigh high boots, to trampling, CBT, corporal punishment, domestic servitude and gender bending.

To learn more about the fetishes & BDSM activities I offer as a professional domina, check my page: